Tuesday, July 27

PuppEee RC8 posted

While some of us have been slacking off in the summer, Jemimah has worked on PuppEee Relase Candidate 8. I've downloaded and installed it (painless - it easily accepted my old savefiles) and have messed around for a couple of hours with it.

So far, I can't find anything that is broken, or  not working as it should. I'll report back when I given it a more througout run - or the 'real deal' is released. In the meantime, go grab RC8 - it's worth the download.

Thursday, July 1

PuppEee 4.3X Release Candidate 7

Jemimah has been hard at work while the rest of us have hardly been working, and has  put out RC7. So far I have detected no real (ie; visible to me) changes from RC6, apart from the updated Chrome browser. The minor bug in the boot script that caused me some issues with RC6 seems to be fixed - to be fair she put a patch out for RC6 as well, so it ended up being a very, very minor issue anyway.

An definite upside was how it recognised and loaded my save file reasonable seamlessly - just taking a couple of minutes to update the file system. All the add-ons I had under FireFox still works, as do Xchat.

More review when I had time to use it more.