Sunday, May 20

Carefully optimistic

EeeUser is back up and running - and Ant (the owner/admin) have given an explanation for why it has been down. I'm not going to pop any champagne, but I'm happy to see the place back up.

Tuesday, May 8

Pocket sized computing devices

Not new-new, but new to me... handy little pocket sized devices for crunching numbers, more than good enough for generations of engineers: slide rules!
Super excited to have gotten these - not only are they cool and geeky, but got some history there as well. Top one can be used both as a regular slide rule and to calculate pitch for maritime propellers - how awesome is that?

Thursday, May 3


50cc, 50km/h - and lots of fun. Going to take me a little while to get used to it, but that's how it is with new toys.

All but given up...

EeeUser is still pining for the fjords as it were - it's passed on, ceased to be expired and gone to meets it's maker. Or so I presume; while Ant (the owner of the site) may still bring it back, I'm not going to hold my breath and check daily no more. It would be a damn shame if it was gone forever - since it's was a goldmine of information - but I don't have access to the database nor do I have Ant's contact information.

In more happy news I have both found a very nice shaving forum online, and gotten to ride my new scooter back and forth to work all week. Life is good.