Wednesday, January 11

Tiny computer that wont break the bank

As I'm sure some of you is already aware, there is a tiny little computer that is about to hit the market any minute now; the Raspberry Pi. Quite possible it's the only PC available today that is as big as the credit card that wont put much of a strain on the card - just 25$ for the basic version and 35$ for the high end model (with more memory and an Ethernet jack).

I have to admit that I do want... WANT! Must have new toy!

I can sort of, kind of see a use for one too; I have an old 15" LCD display with a DVI-D input... the Pi should fit inside the case, and a HDMI-DVI adapter should let me output to the screen with no trouble. A couple of patch cables should let me plug in the network and USB drives. I already have a wireless keyboard and mouse that isn't in use, so no need to spend money on that. End result would be a compact and self contained little Linux Box for casual surfing and streaming media.

If I do decide to do it, you'll be able to read all about it here :)