Thursday, November 13

Apples and other sorts of apples

I did a quick and dirty comparison of Breeezy and Xandros w/ tweaked Easy Mode, with XP tossed in for shits and giggles.

Boot times were measured by hitting Esc during boot, select the boot device containing the OS in question, and until a working desktop was avilable (ie: disk access stopped). Test was run with my Eee plugged in.
Running time was measured by plugging in a fully charged 5200mAh battery and running it down by continously playing a movie off my external hard drive (a Maxtor Basic 160Gb). Part of logic to run the test of an external hard drive (and use more power), rather than to copy a movie to a SD card or a USB stick was partly lazyness, partly to run the battery down faster (ie: worst case scenario). Volume, brightness etc set at the same levels, WiFi off.

Boot times:
- Breeezy: 45 seconds, booting from a Sandisk cruzer micro 4.0GB (includes connecting to the WiFi)
- Xandros: 32 seconds, booting from the internal SSD
- XP: 146 seconds, booting of a Kingston 2Gb SD-card, rated at 5MB/s read speed.

Running time:
- Breeezy: 2h20min
- Xandros: 2h25min
- XP: 2h5min

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