Thursday, August 6

Got my Galileoscope!


I ordered it in march, but with delays in manufacturing and shipping to Norway.. but it's here. I'm very excited.

The delivery guy had a dozen or so others in his car, so I guess I'm not the only one who's excited in the area today. Putting it together was remarkable easy, thanks in art to the excellent manual I downloaded from the Galileoscope website.

The tube and focuser was easy to mount - the trickier bit was the eyepieces (this 15$ telescope comes with three!). Again, the clear descriptions were of great help.

I can't wait to test it... off course, living in Norway means long, light summer nights, and working full time means I need to get up in the mornings... so it' have to be this weekend. Until that time, I just have to fire up the stellarium on my Eee and work out what I want to see.

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