Sunday, August 8

PuppEee v1.0 released!

And it's a beuty!

A couple of broken tools removed, but nothing broken in the process as far as I can see. For the most part, my review of RC2 still holds - only more so. And I'm not sure what Jemimah did, but it seems that my battery life while watching movies has improved considerable... I just finished watching two 90 minutes movies back to back on my big battery, and I still are showing 60% left.

I've been waffling a bit lately between using the Netbook Launcher desktop versus the more standard Rox - after I've noticed that I launch most software from the 'start menu' anyway.. speedwise they both feels equally snappy.

While PuppEee may not take over as my primary OS on my Eee, this release is making a brilliant attempt to do so - who knows what I'll do in the future?

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