Wednesday, April 18

It's definitely hardware...

... although not of the computer kind. Well, almost not: apparently the engine control unit - the brain, as it were - has a 32 bit CPU in it.
It's my latest piece of hardware - a Honda Zoomer, aka Ruckus in the US - so late that I haven't actually gotten it yet. The dealership will have it ready for me next Tuesday, and I'm very much excited about it. Off course, once I have it I'll tinker a bit; got to put on a mount for my GPS and see about getting a bag to go on the front load carrier for my Eee, phone and hypothetical tablet.

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rokytnji said...

Hope you have fun with it. Should be good on MPG. Smallest scooters I have are 883cc XLH Harleys. Got 3 that are daily runners. 1 883cc (evolution motor 2000 year series). 2 1000cc (Shovelhead cast iron motors, oldies from the 1980s).

Got a few basket case bikes also. Plus my Big Bikes (1340cc)

Also eeepc forum site still erroring out for me also. Guess you are glad to be home also.