Friday, May 16


I was going to talk briefly about my tweaks. However, I will instead talk of the joys of restoring to a virgin system...

Yes, I did mess someting up, trying to enable the advanced desktop (ie: the Windows lookalike). Most probably I made a mistake in the file (as far as I understand - which isn't very - a sh-file is more or less like a bat-file in old MS-DOS), renderign my lill guy unable to finish the boot-up.

No worries - or so I thought. Just hit F9 during boot up and restore it to factory default!

Uhm. No. Could not get F9 to work.

Tried tapping. No joy.

Tried holding. No joy.

Tried swearing in multiple languages. That didn't work either, but it made me feel better.

Put my lill Eee in it's sleeve, dug up the DVD it comes with, brought both to work. Ten minutes after I got to work my lill Eee was up and running again with a factory fresh OS... leaving me wonderign where I messed up. Should I have gone into the BIOS and set the "OS Installation" to 'Start'? After the restore from the DVD that seems to do the trick... but then, now the F9 works with that option set to 'Finished' as well...

Looking on the bright side - I get to do all the tweaks all over again!

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