Thursday, April 9

More Pupeee

The biggest gripe - if you can call it that - I have with Pupeee so far is the included browser. While I do know that SeaMonkey share - at least to some extent - the codebase with FireFox, it is still different enough to take some getting used to. But, I soldier on. Today I managed to find a theme more soothing to the eyes than the old 'Netscape wannabe' look it shipped with, and I have found where to turn off the text under the buttons. And with AdBlockPlus added I am approaching having a usable browser under Pupeee.

Most of the other software just works, something which amazes me to no end seeing as how the whole install would fit - with room to spare - on the hard drive that was in my first desktop: a cavernous 120Mb drive back i '93. These days I frequently plays with images larger than that on my desktop... and most PDFs I download seems to be larger than that as well. Speaking of PDFs, that is the one application that shipped with Pupeee I'm not terrible pleased about. The PDFviewer is too simplistic, and don't work very well for me.

But as you all can see - the screen grab utility works just perfect!

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