Monday, April 6

New Pupeee

I've been playing around with Breeezy and pupeee 3.02 for a while, and while I've been impressed with the ease of use and speed, there has always been something...

So when Pupeee 4 .2 was linked at EeeUser, I jumped at it.

Installation is as easy as can be;
  • Download and burn the ISO on my desktop.
  • Boot the Eee from the CD - interestingly, Pupeee asked a lot of questions during boot up, helping me configure the Xorg server as well as my touchpad and keyboard. I presume this is to cater for more versions of the Eee than Breeezy and older versions of Pupeee did.
  • Insert the SD card or USB stick to install it too, and use the Puppy universal installer (Meny - Setup) to install it to the drive of your choice.
  • Wait.
  • Reboot of the SD card or USB stick - I had to go through the setup questions all over, but that took all of one minute.
  • Once rebooted, start playing.
  • On first shutdown, tell Pupeee to create a save file - it takes a while, but will give you a persistent system where changes are kept between sessions.
Overall I'm quite happy so far - it boots fast, runs quickly and comes with a fairly comprehensive set of tools and applications. It also lets you change backgrounds and themes easily; it even has several sets of icons to let you pick the ones you like.

Out of the box it's configured with two docks for icons (top and left of the screen) and a sidebar with widgets (on the right). While I havn't been fooling around with the docks just yet, I've made the sidebar display CPU activity, RAM, free space for running Pupeee, battery and WiFi status. From a fresh boot it also displays multiple icons on the desktop - I might move some to one of the docks to tidy up a bit.

The WiFi works perfectly with my home network, unlike bot breeezy and the previous pupeee - but even without wireless pupeee 4.2 will be an excellent back up OS to keep around. My only complain is that the save on exit takes a long time, but that is mostly my fault for installing it to a slow card...

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