Tuesday, September 29

Hints, tricks and tips for the Eee, part one

Over the last year and a half I've learned a few things about the standard Xandros installation, and made notes of some of them. I've decided to tidy up my notes, and share the answer to some of the more common questions asked on the EeeUser Forums here on my woefully infrequent blog:

How to open the terminal / console
  • To open a terminal in Easy Mode: Ctrl+Alt+T / (little house)+t
  • To open a terminal in Advanced Mode: (Launch-Applications-System-Console)
  • To go to a true terminal, Alt+Ctrl+F1. Each F key is a new terminal, and F7 will take you back to X. NOTE: I can't get this to work myself, neither in Easy nor Advanced mode...
How to add fonts
  • Download the font to somewhere on your Eee, or to a usb stick.
  • Open a console with Ctrl+Alt+t in Easy Mode, or via the Launch menu (Launch-Applications-System-Console) in Advanced Mode.
  • Type sudo kcontrol and press enter. This will open the control panel as a superuser.
  • In the control panel, navigate to Display - Theme - Font Installer.
  • Click Continue on the dialog box that appears.
  • Click the Add Fonts button.
  • Navigate to where you got the font downloaded, hightlight it and click Open.
  • Close the Control Panel
  • In the console, enter exit and press enter.
  • Fonts should now be installed and ready to use.

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