Tuesday, October 6

Hints, tricks and tips for the Eee, part two

Over the last year and a half I've learned a few things about the standard Xandros installation, and made notes of some of them. I've decided to tidy up my notes, and share the answer to some of the more common questions asked on the EeeUser Forums here on my woefully infrequent blog:

I can't find the restore DVD
  • Buy it from AsusParts.eu
  • There is a downloadable 701 ISO here and a 901 ISO here, but some reports seems to indicate that does not contain everything - specificity the windows software to make a bootable USB stick. The WinXP booting tools, including the ones we are talking about, and if not in your particular iso are to be found here. Choose: eeepc, eeepc series, eeepc 4G/XP, search and go to utilities, asus usb flash utility. You can also make the restore USB on Linux.
  • You may also want to look into the XEPC Upgrade Disk, an updated and cleaned up distrubution.
After I updated / changed something, I only get a black screen
  • Try Ctrl + (right arrow) up to three times to make sure you havn't booted into one of the other workspaces.
  • Try opening a console and use the following command: /usr/bin/startsimple.sh
  • If you backed up your simpleui.rc, try restoring it (both described in the wiki). There is also a copy of the original 701 simpleui.rc and the original 901 simpleui.rc on the EeeUser wiki.
  • "Brute force and ignorace": F9 Restore.

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