Saturday, November 26

EeeUser coming back on line

It's been down for a while, but the frontpage and wiki are back up at least. The forum - which I feel is the heart and soul of EeeUser - is still down though.


rokytnji said...

Hi Wegian, Thanks for posting the links. I will follow your blog (I was unaware of it). I am posting the links at Murga/Puppy Forums and the alternate Puppy forum that was set up when Murga was down all week. I have not heard from Plodr or anyone so I had to search a bit and I found you.

Happy Trails, Rok

Anonymous said...

Hey,rokytnji. It's me plodr.
I don't have anyone's email address, which was a poor move on my part. At least I could have emailed a few people.
Just like you, I've been checking Wegian's blog to see what's up.

We were without power for more than 8 days because of the eastern freak snow storm so my computer time was limited to an hour or two evenings at McDonald's provided I could get my two netbooks charged up.

rokytnji said...

Glad to hear from you plodr. I wasn't going to join MajorGeeks forum to get a hold of you.

I kinda needed the break through the holidays with eeepc forums being down also, because I am a linux team member with a couple of distros and the developers require my support also.

Hope this winter doesn't break you.
It is nicer down here in the desert during winter.

Hope your Christmas is Ok Also Warrior.

Bambooz said...

Man this sucks :(

I keep finding threads on google referring to the eeuser forum, which is STILL down/under maintenance.
No cached link too of course.

I wish i could contact the admin and ask what's up.
If it's financial issues (Forum using too much traffic for his webspace plan or something), i'd be willing to host it myself (having a dedicated server at OVH france that's bored to death)

Losing that forum would be really bad, considering how much valuable informations were posted there (it helped me out countless times so far)


Anonymous said...

Hoping this is a good sign, it's got the server test page up now (BL00):

Amazon Linux AMI Test Page

This page is used to test the proper operation of the Apache HTTP server after it has been installed. If you can read this page, it means that the Apache HTTP server installed at this site is working properly.

James said...

It now says, "switching to phpbb.. be back by the end of the week!"

So hopefully the board will actually be back up by the end of this week.

Adam said...

I know that this post is months old, but am I to assume at this point that the eeeuser forums are permanently gone? It's a shame, since I am typing this on my 1000he :/ Any word from the site admin?