Tuesday, December 13

The EeeUser forums are coming back

...hopefully :D

Right now the front page reads "switching to phpbb.. be back by the end of the week!", but when I checked this weekend (I tend to swing by once a day to check, just in case) Ant was clearly playing with the install of phpbb - I got logged in and everything :p

Granted, two new spammers signed up while it was up, and I moderated the post one of them made about boots into oblivion... Ant, could we pretty please get things like CAPTCHA and suchlike in place? I also liked this add-on, which prevents new users from posting links before they have made a number of posts...

Very much looking forward to the EeeUser forums to come back online - even more so since I'm seriously considering getting a Transformer Prime within a few months.

/edit: No, cant use bbcode in my blog...


Anonymous said...

plodr here again. Interesting. I saw 65 guests on over the weekend but I was unable to log in. I kept getting my sign in was not valid.
The next time I looked, the page was completely different. I assumed ANT was just testing different interfaces until he decides what to use.

Anonymous said...

yay, it's back
:) BL00