Monday, December 19

Finally - EeeUser forums back online

Just head over to [url][/url] and sign in - or sign up, if you're a new user.

Man, it's good to have the forums back :)


Anonymous said...

plodr again. Well it isn't loading for me again. It worked yesterday but not today.

WegianWarrior said...

Copy that Plodr - I was busy all afternoon yesterday, but this morning the forums are down again. Lets hope for a short downtime... I just wish Ant would let people know what was going on.

Anonymous said...

perhaps an email to all registered users when its up and running properly btw loved the shaving blog


James said...

Funny thing happened today, I got banned from the Eee User Forum with the following message...

"You need 100 posts before you can sell."

Anyone familiar with my post count (I'm zeo) will probably find this hilarious.

WegianWarrior said...

Zeo - and everyone else reading - it seems like temp banning one guy (who was in flagrant violation of the rules) somehow got everyone banned. The ban-list have been cleared, but the problem seems to persist... enough so that Ant deceided to drop FluxBB and sprung for an Invision license.

Anonymous said...

it's a good job we have this facility, thanks WW!

thought i'd done something wrong at first. i'm hopping around distros at the moment, it will be good to have the forums back properly, as i'm referring to them lots.

still showing under maintenance :(


Anonymous said...

this is complete bullshit. while i understand there is a shitload of extremely useful posts on eeeuser, a new forum should be created. Ant has not made any statement or even told us what the hell is going on. getting sick and tired of having to check back only to find some SQL database error every time.

Anonymous said...

Well it was up at 12am but you couldn't read a thread for the life of you. Baloney.

Anonymous said... hasn't been running properly for months now :(.

I'm post posting in the EEE section at as that works properly!

GtiSingh said...

Hey WW, its GtiSingh from the eeeuser forums.

First time ive tried logging in in months (if not years), ive been on the eeeuser website, and can not find the forum link at the top, nor does google bring me any results to forum posts !

Has the site been taken down for good ? If so its a real shame, pure helpful-ness since 2008 !

Hope you and the other regular eeeusers are well ... maybe we could start another small eeepc forum (invite only, or account verification) to prevent all the previous spam.

WegianWarrior said...

Hello GtiSingh =)
Havn't been there for months myself, but it seems to have vanished into thin air, which would be a shame. Hopefully Ant would bring it back, since as you point out it has a lot of good hints and tips on it - or someone might start a new forum.