Wednesday, July 25

Not so optimistic no more

As I'm sure some of you have noted, EeeUser is down again. Last I got from the forum before it went belly up was that there is something not right about the database and/or server setup.

Wish I had the contact information for Ant - the Admin / Owner - so I could learn more what is going on, but I don't.

Oh well, life does go on... just as my Eee keeps soldiering on after several years of hard use, including a year in Africa.


James said...

Well, there's always the old Asus forum,

Along with some interesting sites like the "Asus Eee Pad Transformer Forum" that focuses on all Asus tablets.

Can anyone think of any others for alternative until Ant gets the board working again?

James said...

Ant stated he thinks the problem is solved now. So hopefully the site will be stable from now on.

James said...

So far, so good... Site seems stable... A bit of bad news though is Asus has decided to discontinue Eee PC's and focus instead on Transformer like products.

The upcoming Asus Vivo Tabs look to be the replacement models.

The RT version will be 10" powered by Tegra 3, like the other Transformers. While the Windows 8 version will be powered by Clover Trail ATOM and will be 11.6" version but will also be offered with Keyboard dock like the smaller Transformers and will add WACOM style pen to boot.

Lega Ivanov said...

Hello! I'm from Ukraine (almost Russia). Tell me please, I have Asus 701, and I want to change the screen to 900, but this stream is past and links to BIOS ROM is not valid, you can give it to me?

WegianWarrior said...

I'm sorry Lega, but I don't have a copy.