Thursday, July 19

Traditional wetshaving starter kit for less than 10$

Despite my somewhat funny tagline in the header of my other blog, traditional wetshaving can be had on the cheap without sacrificing much in the way of quality. To prove it, here is one suggestion for a starter kit costing less than 10$ (if bought from my favorite Turkish wetshaving webshop), consisting of items I have tried and enjoyed myself:
  • Racer razor, which is a good if slightly aggressive razor - 3.75$
  • Turkish No6 horse hair brush, which makes up in performance what it lacks in quality - 2.45$
  • A tube of Arko shaving cream, which lathers easily and abundantly - 2.49$
  • Ten Shark Super Chrome DE blades, which I've found rather well in the Racer razor - 0.85$
Total cost as listed is a whooping 9.54$! In addition an newbie wetshaver might want a bowl from the kitchen for lathering in - unless s/he wants to make lather directly on the skin - and perhaps an after shave or balm. And off course some pointers on how to use a traditional DE razor, which can be had for free all over the Web - I recommend the friendly forum at The Shave Nook.

With a kit like this, and a steady hand, you can get about ten weeks worth of traditional wetshaving under your belt before you'll need to stock up on more supplies - and when you need more you'll need blades and perhaps more shaving cream. The razor and brush will last forever, if you take care of it.

So what you say? Is it worth a dollar a week to try traditional wetshaving?

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