Tuesday, October 20

Hints, tips and tricks, part four

Over the last year and a half I've learned a few things about the standard Xandros installation, and made notes of some of them. I've decided to tidy up my notes, and share the answer to some of the more common questions asked on the EeeUser Forums here on my woefully infrequent blog:

Install FBreader on a 2G, or any other Eee that don't have it as standard

This is based on http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:install_thunderbird_on_2g
  • Change the repositories to point at 701 rather than 700 - this could be done either through Synaptic (sudo synaptic), Settings, Repositories, or else by running: sudo kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list Make the modifcation, then saving (Ctrl+o, Enter), then exiting (Ctrl+x)
  • Press “Reload” in Synaptic, or, type into a terminal (Alt+Ctrl+t): sudo apt-get update If you get an error message, try the next steps anyway. The error message may not be critical.
  • Staying in terminal, download and install FBreader: sudo apt-get install FBReader
  • Type exit and press enter to exit terminal.
  • To run FBReader, either type FBReader in a terminal, or use Launcher Tools to create an icon.
  • Once you have verified that it runs, change your repositories back - same procedure as stated in the first step.
I get f u n n y   l o o k i n g text in fireFox (or other application)
  • Ty hitting Shift+Space - you may have to hit it twice.
  • The culprit is SCIM - Smart Common Input Metod - which is there to allow you to enter chinese text... you may want to remove it (see last weeks post for how).

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