Tuesday, October 27

Hints, tips and tricks, part five

Still more tips and tricks I've picked up while owning my Eee:

Forgotten super user password
  • The superuser password is the same as the one you set as you powered on your Eee the first time and went through the first run wizard.
  • If you can't recall it, set a new one with sudo passwd user
  • The easiest way to change the username is to delete the hidden file /home/user/.firstrundone and restart. You will go back through the First Run Wizard where you can re/set your username, password and locale.
  • If you want to delete that file, but cant log in on your Eee (since you forgotten the password), you can start your Eee in Rescue Mode, or boot from a USB stick using a Live Distro like PupEee or BrowserLinux.
Enable Advanced Mode, aka Full Desktop
  • Download pimpmyeee.sh from this location to /home/user/
  • Open the File Manager, rightclick on the file you just downloaded and rename to pimpmyeee.sh (in other words, delete the version mumber from the file name).
  • Open a console (Ctrl+Alt+t) and type chmod +x pimpmyeee.sh and press enter. This will make the script executable.
  • Type sh pimpmyeee.sh, and press enter. This will run the script.
  • Select 'Enable extra repositories' by pressing the coresponding key and press enter. Magic will happen.
  • Select 'Enable full desktop' by pressing the corresponding key and press enter again. More magic takes place.
  • Exit pimpmyeee, and close the console by typeing exit and pressing enter.
  • You should now have the option to go to the advanced desktop on the shut down menu, and you might also have the option to set your login mode to Full Desktop Mode with the Personalization app on the Settings tab.

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