Tuesday, October 13

Hints, tricks and tips for the Eee, part three

Over the last year and a half I've learned a few things about the standard Xandros installation, and made notes of some of them. I've decided to tidy up my notes, and share the answer to some of the more common questions asked on the EeeUser Forums here on my woefully infrequent blog:

I have sound issues
  • Run alsamixer from a console to check your settings
I want to delete unwanted software from Xandros to gain more space
  • Disable UnionFS / aufs per the EeeUser wiki
  • Remove unwanted software with either:
  • Synaptic (open terminal, run 'sudo synaptic', see helpfile)
  • Apt-get (open terminal, run 'apt-get -h' to see help, basic command is 'sudo apt-get remove (packagename)', may or may not play nice with dependancies)
  • Aptitude (open terminal, run 'sudo aptitude remove (packagename)', should behave with dependancies)
  • Optional, but if you want to gain space: Resize partitions to reclaim space.
  • Optional, but needed to be able to F9 restore: Restore UnionFS / aufs.

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